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"If you’re looking for a nurturing school with the most helpful and loving teachers Tutor the Future is it! Moving our son in Grade 5 was the best decision we made for Aadil.


We watched him flourish, his confidence grow immensely.

The teachers at TTF helped him to be comfortable being himself and to believe in his capabilities. Because the classrooms are small the teachers are able to revise often if necessary, making exam time flow easily. His academics side thrived too.


At TTF the teachers are kind hearted, incredibly patient and give so much individual attention to learners. The Covid/online learning system was handled so well, easing both learners and parents. 

Thank you Nicole and your team for making Aadil’s school experience a happy and loving one"

- Suraya

"My son was at Tutor the Future for over two years and loved the environment.


The teachers are amazing with the children and he has come on in leaps and bounds. I am glad my path has crossed with Sue and her team. For once my son was happy at school!!


He was mainstreamed into an IEB government school and has just completed his Matric successfully!"

- Shelley

"If you are in doubt about choosing this school don't be, I sent my son there at the beginning of this year and can do nothing but sing their praises.


What an awesome school, they have brought the best out of my boy. He battled to read and do much at the private school he was at and we were paying a fortune with remedial lessons, those all stopped when he started at Tutor the Future and has excelled and caught up"

- Peter

My son attended Grade 6 and 7 at Tutor the Future and I knew from the first day that this school was perfect for him.He enjoyed going to school again, he loved the lessons and had so many fun stories to tell about his friends and teachers.


Every staff member has a passion for teaching, they are supportive of all the children and parents. I was grateful everyday for their encouragement, guidance, patience and no tolerance for bullying. Any issues were sorted out immediately leading to a very happy school environment for all. Each lesson was taught with insight, content was portrayed in different interesting forms, encouraging each member of the class to contribute and take part.


The personal attention that the children get is wonderful, no one gets left behind. The best of all was in the 3rd term of Grade  7 we could see that my son was ready for High School, he was so excited thinking about it. What more could we have asked for? He did very well in all his subjects, each teacher is remarkable and made such a difference. Most importantly he has been very well prepared for High School. He has settled in and is confident and has a good attitude about learning.

- Tamryn


"We believe: the ultimate responsibility of a teacher is to direct the child to reach their full potential intellectually and emotionally. Equipping them with the basic foundation through a developmentally appropriate environment, with visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Guiding your child through positive character building and making them understand and own their purpose as a unique individual in society."

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