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 About Home Education

In 1996 home education was made a legal alternative to traditional schooling in South Africa. It is the right of all parents to find the type of education that suits their child.

Parents choose to home school their children for a variety of reasons: a deteriorating level of education in the schools, lack of discipline, classes are too big, bullying and learning problems. Some families choose home schooling for religious reasons.

At Tutor the Future we provide a comprehensive learning experience to help children attain their academic ability.  The class sizes remain small to ensure individual attention. Qualified teachers are employed to ensure a good standard of education. We are very particular about the quality of our teachers and search for the very best possible teacher in a given field.  Students are able to rejoin the mainstream school system at any time. We work on the premise that many of our children may go back to the mainstream.


The CAPS curriculum is used, which is in line with the local government schools in the area, to ensure that learners can re-enter the mainstream schools. Weekly spelling tests and maths mental test are done, with class and cycle tests. These are done in a relaxed atmosphere showing the learners that nerves associated with a test situation are not needed. The children are given time to complete at their leisure in the younger grades. Exams are written twice a year, with the exam papers being moderated by local schools in our area. Scribes and readers are provided at the parents request and with agreement of the educational psychologist. Extra time is allowed. As the learners get more confident in their studies, stricter times and regimes are implemented in the higher grades to prepare the learner for high school and the more formal test situation. If, however, it is agreed upon by the parents and teachers, a scribe and reader may be used in grade 7. This will be noted on the report and accompanied by the educational assessment. 

On agreement of parent, student and tutor the parent will be advised when the learner is ready to re-enter the mainstream. This can occur in any grade if the learner has shown strength, growth and diligence. Tutor the future learners are well received into the local government and private schools in our area. The testimonials attest to this. 

Tutor the Future works in close communication with the parents and the assessments and tests done throughout the year are documented in termly reports. A good working relationship between the parents, student and tutor is essential to maximize the opportunities given in the small environment.