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Arts & Crafts

All children love to create art and make things. In younger children playing with arts and crafts inspires creativity while helping them to focus their mind and complete a set task while older children can begin to gain an understanding of artistic and design skills that may affect their future educational choices

Various activities done through out the year. Eg:  Painting, model building, fabric and ceramic painting, mosaic and pottery

  • Fantastic opportunity to express themselves
  • Work with colour and form and with different materials
  • Giving them a sense of achievement 

Parent Involvement

Parents involvement plays a large role in the success of our students/ your children.

Studies have indicated that children whose parents and/or other significant adults share in their formal education tend to do better in school. Some benefits that have been identified that measure parental involvement in education include:

  • Higher grades and test scores (ensuring that your child studies)

  • Parental involvement creates a partnership between the school and the home of the child, and makes the education of children sufficiently benefiting to all stakeholders involved in the education of the children

  • Positive attitudes and behavior



Sessions are run by Ryan, 3rd Dan Goju-Rya, Karate-do International South Africa. Lessons are weekly and planned with the well-being of the child in mind. At the end of the year grading takes place and are offered the chance to participate in events throughout the year outside of school.








In both primary and secondary schools, the teaching of basic computer principles and word processing skills form the most important component in the teaching of computers. At Tutor the Future we offer your child these important and fundamental computer skills.

  • We cover basic computer principles and beginners Microsoft Office packages

  • Students are encourage to use the computers at school and home for studying and research

  • The potential gains are tremendous, including improved motor skills, enhanced mathematical thinking, increased creativity, higher scores on tests of critical thinking and problem solving