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Chris Beck, the herpatologist,  from Slither, Hop, Creep and Crawl  paid TTF a visit today with his creepy crawly creatures.

Chris Beck, the herpatologist,  from Slither, Hop, Creep and Crawl (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) paid TTF a visit today with his creepy crawly creatures.  We invited St. Georges Elementary School, a little homeschool catering for grade 0 – 3’s to join us for the morning. Chris enthralled all for an hour and a half. Some learners were comfortable with the snakes, spiders and iguana while others, along with some teachers, feared them. Chris’s knowledge kept the learners’ interest and he involved the learners who enjoyed touching the reptiles. Jack and Sean felt right at home, showing the others that they have nothing to fear.  Interesting facts were learnt about all the reptiles, especially about the chameleon and iguana.



This is definitely a worthwhile visit and we are already looking forward to his presentation next year with different critters and creatures crawling around at TTF as we will be inviting him back for more!