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Proud members of the Pestalozzi Trust 

Established 2006


Tutor the Future is a well-established small class teaching centre with individual attention,  where your child will be given the best care and loving support , offering grades 2-7.

At TTF, learners receive individual attention as the maximum number of children in each class is 10 learners.

It is a home away from home situation where the learners feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease with their surroundings. Learners are able to socialise and form good relationships with other children, resulting in lasting friendships, group work in class, outings and camps. 

All subjects are offered with great emphasis being placed on improving reading and comprehension skills, as well as returning to basic Maths principles and study skills. In this environment the learners work diligently, develop good study skills and learn to work independently. Hard work and dedication is expected from the learners and educators alike. 

Our Philosophy

"We believe: the ultimate responsibility of a teacher is to direct the child to reach his fullest potential intellectually and emotionally, and equip him with the a basic foundation through a developmentally appropriate environment, through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Guiding your child through positive character building and making them understand and own their purpose as a unique individual in society."


Why Choose Us?


Small Classes - The numbers are small to ensure that the tutors have enough time to help each and every child reach their full potential.

Home Away from Home - Well-established small class teaching centre where your child will be given the best care and loving support.

Doing differently - visual, kinesthetic, auditory teaching methods, with emphasis on reading, comprehension and useful study skills. 

Essential and Practical Life Skills - We include these important developmental skills in our teaching and outings.

We Believe - Each child has the right to reach their potential.